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Manufacturing processes offered by our company products are carried out without interfering chemicals, using only physical and thermal processes, which in turn enables to obtain natural products microbiologically stable with a neutral flavor.

Our certificates


Company SANDIKO Ltd. has implemented a Food Safety Management System ISO 22000: 2005 and has confirmed the certification of the system.

This certification ensures that the Food Safety Management at SANDIKO is on the high level. The implemented system guarantees also the highest level of services provided by SANDIKO.


We supply our products to reputable companies in Poland and abroad

Natural native pig collagen protein derived from pork skin. Thanks to the use of new fat removal technology in native protein production we obtain a product with unique parameters.
Collagen proteins are a group of natural animal proteins, especially in the muscle and connective tissue.
Collagen is a major component of connective tissue and is the most abundant protein in mammals, accounting for about 25% to 35% of total body protein.


Providing healthy and innovative solutions for the food industry, building sustainable long-term relationships with our partners and the benefits to the supplier and recipient.

SANDIKO is a modern company whose aim is to distribute the best solutions for the food industry and thus provide a unique solution and the proposals to meet the requirements and needs of our customers.

SANDIKO offers solutions for the food industry with particular emphasis on the meat , poultry, fish, dairy and diet supplements industries.

SANDIKO solutions are that the company has to offer based on the concepts of natural products, not genetically modified, allergen-free. These products are mainly: high functional pork protein, poultry proteins, flavours, spices, high-quality extracts, liquid smokes, smoke flavours, browning agents, diet supplements, nutrition for active.

Pork Proteins

- SandiPro IPP-95
- SandiPro I-95A
- SandiPro IP-105
from EU pig origin certified for use in hams (restructured and whole muscles), buzzards and other smoked meats, block products, coarse and medium-sized sausages and homogenized culinary meat foodstuffs . Can be used for poultry products have high water and fat binding properties, and give the appropriate hardness of finished products.

Beef Proteins

High functional - SandiPro IBP-98 for injection
- SandiPro BF-95 for emulsion
beef proteins
for injection and emulsion, perfect for productions hams, burgers and kebabs.

Poultry Proteins

SANDIPRO FTP-85 is used in poultry products from turkey meat or other for injection and stuffing. Suitable for use in delicatessen, fresh and frozen. Improves texture, reduces leaks. Reduces the use of salts, phosphates and hydrocolloids. It improves the palatability of finished products.Turkey Protein and SANDIPRO ICP-85 for the production of stuffed poultry products, injections, restructured products, roasts. Recommended dosage: 0.1 - 3% in finished product. SANDIPRO CP-85 for the production of stuffed poultry products: sausages, roasts, pates, block products, delicatessen products.Chicken proteins in the form of powder, obtained from 100% edible poultry raw materials (in accordance with EU law) and manufactured using patented fractionation techniques using thermal and mechanical processes.

Whey Proteins

Milk proteins, whey proteins, whey concentrates and isolates for food products and high protein nutrients. High quality products: Milk Protein ConcentrateMPC Whey Protein ConcentrateWPC Whey Protein IsolateWPI Whey Protein HydrolyzateWPH

Pea proteins

Pea Proteins: They are an excellent protein for nutrients, have an energetic effect, and additionally have a high content of branched chain This protein has a similar amino acid composition to whey protein.amino acids . In addition, pea proteins have very high arginine, lysine and phenylalanine. They are excellent as a food additives.

Hemp proteins

The protein is produced by the cold pressing of hemp seed. The oil thus obtained is separated from the solids. The resulting paste is dried and then ground to a fine powder. It is a completely natural product and not processed, so it retains all its valuable but desirable properties.

Soy Proteins

Soy protein is considered to be the best form of vegetable protein, as evidenced by its rich amino acid composition. Noteworthy is the high content of arginine - the exogenous amino acid responsible for such effects of rapid regeneration. In the food industry, the two most common forms of these proteins are: They are very good emulsifiers and stabilizers of the emulsion system Isolates and concentrates

Rice proteins

Ryż to nie tylko węglowodany! Z ziaren ryżu, poddanych odpowiednim zabiegom technologicznym, pozyskiwane są zdrowe, odżywcze i wysokiej jakości proteiny. Jako element zróżnicowanej, odpowiednio energetycznej diety, ryż staje się świetnym źródłem białka.

Smoke flavours

The pride of smoking in liquid is to avoid the emission of smoke components into the exhaust air, so effective smoke consumption is minimized. Smoking of meat products by liquid droplets can be done by: dipping, showering, The process of such smoking is also carried out in an automated manner, which further improves the efficiency of the same smoking.spraying liquid in the chambers, atomizing. The liquid smoke used is obtained by condensation and fractionation The need for purification and controlled conditions of receiving such smoke allow it to be deprived of carcinogenic substances while simultaneously separating the tar phase. of the produced smoke after pyrolysis. - SANDISMOKE AHQ-75

Browning agents

Browning Agents
are obtained in the Products affect the coloration in the heat treatment process giving gold to brown color. The color is produced by the Maillard reaction in combination with the protein.process of thermal decomposition of sugar. This product is applicable in the meat, poultry, fish, bakery, dairy, ready-made meals after dilution with water. It can be applied to the surface of the product by spraying, atomising, immersion.


Phosphates are currently permitted for use in all meat products as phosphoric acid salts, monophosphates (orthophosphates), polyphosphates - diphosphates (pyrophosphates), sodium phosphate triphosphates, potassium and calcium triphosphates.Phosphates , as one of many Recommended dosage in practice of 3 to 3.5g per kilogram of finished product calculated as P2O5.additives used in the meat industry, are included in stabilizers and emulsifiers. They affect the activation of muscle proteins. Reduce defects in ready-made finished products.

Food dyes

Offered Caramels
Burned sugar
are natural food additives that impart or restore color to food products. These are preparations obtained from foodstuffs and other natural sources of raw materials, obtained by physical or chemical extraction, in which the pigments are selectively extracted.

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